Keep Things Safe!

At a family porn strokers reunion I went to, I helped our mother with serving the actual food when it was time for dinner. I figured that meant that nothing could go wrong until I dropped the turkey. Figuring that no one noticed, I scooped it up and it was served as if nothing had happened. Unfortunately, my niece noticed, and she waited until dinner was nearly over to tell everyone about what had happened. Everyone abruptly stopped chewing and they all slowly turned to stare accusingly at me. I laughed it off and denied it, making myself look even guiltier immediately.

A man got drunk and wondered into the grave. He went and lay like a corpse and could not get up however much he tried. Passers-by noticed him and called the police saying that a copse had woken from the dead. The nearby police officer appeared fake was sent to investigate the scene. He approached it cautiously while trembling. He had watched many horror movies and wasn’t sure what to expect. He thought it could be one of two things: the end of the world or a simple misunderstanding. He was so relieved to find just a stray drunkard.