Who we are?

RiAegzMiLIt seems as if every single time someone turns on the news, there is a report about another tragic school shooting. The media usually lights up for a while, talking about all of the ways that problems like this can be prevented. Often times, people will blame the tool and the individuals involved rather than looking at the systemic problems or asking questions about why this seems to happen disproportionately in the United States instead of in other countries. This website was created in order to thoroughly examine the problems involving safety in the schools of the United States, in the hopes of finally addressing the problem for real in a way that is not mired in partisan politics.

People will get access to all of the different perspectives on this issue when they read this website.

They will get testimonials and opinion pieces from students, teachers, principals. superintendents, police officers, and even shooting victims who managed to survive with or without heroics. One way or another, it is our hope that this website will shed some light on this complicated issue, an issue which tends to bring out the worst in everyone.